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5 card draw

New $2 lotto game "5 Card Cash" kicks off this weekend

MADISON (WITI) — Most Wisconsin Lottery games either have the opportunity to win instantly, or in the nightly drawing, but the new $2 lotto game “5 Card Cash” offers both!

Sunday, April 6 will see the start of the first brand new lotto game to have both an “instant win” and a nightly drawing.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” said Michael Edmonds, Lottery Director. “It’s a chance to win during the day when you buy your ticket and another chance to win that night.”

The new $2 game works like this: When players buy their ticket, five card symbols are printed on it.  If the five card symbols include a pair of 8′s or better or a higher winning hand, like three of a kind, a flush or a full house, they win instantly.  The top prize on the instant portion is $5,000 for having a royal flush.

5 Card Draw/Texas Hold´em spielen lernen?

Ich würde gerne 5 Card Draw und Texas Hold´em spielen lernen, nur die Grundspielarten, in einem Art kleinen "Testspiel".

Versuch mal die Seite von Bwin, da kannst Du kostenlos spielen (Übungsspiel)

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  Five Card Draw Poker is also an excellent game for beginners since it is much simpler and uncomplicated than that of the other poker variants.   In Five Card Draw Poker , each player is dealt five hidden hole cards first following a round of betting.   These days, however, five card draw poker is rarely played in casinos or tournaments since Texas Holdem is so popular. Five Card Draw Poker is a simple game with many people who leisurely love to play at home with friends & acquaintances.   However, despite this fact, Five Card Draw Poker includes much of the same concepts and strategies....

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