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High Stakes Wochenbilanz – Lord Luckbox krönt sich selbst

Es war die wohl actionreichste High Stakes Woche des Jahres. Mit Viktor Blom, Daniel Cates, Phil Galfond, Gus Hansen und dem Super-Wal samrostan war alles am Start, was momentan auf den Nosebleed Limits Rang und Namen hat. Der Dominator war am Ende Sebastian Ruthenberg.

Auch Max Lehmanski trug sich in die Top 5 der größten Gewinner ein. Dort fand sich auch ein Doppel-Olympiasieger wieder, der sich außerdem «aktivster Spieler» der Woche nennen darf.

Sebastian Ruthenberg ist nun 30 Jahre alt, und alle die dachten, der Hamburger hat seiner legendären Poker-Karriere

Five Card Stud With the IRS ( Win the Tax Game Without Cheating ...

If you're like most US Taxpayers, when you finally gather up all your shoe boxes, sticky note, folders and envelopes of tax documentation and get up the nerve to sit down with your 1040 whatever form, you're convinced the deck is stacked against... Most of us figure the only way to get around a big tax bill is to cheat or get someone else to do it (ie: Finagle , Lie, cheat) for you. There are a few quick, easy, and legal strategies to cut down on the amount you owe the IRS. And these are the aces you don't need to hide in your sleeve. Give it Away The IRS lets anyone give monetary gifts of up to $13,000. Check the rules each year, as tax rules change, but as....

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Niki Jedlicka: „Nach 2007 war alles wie ein Freeroll“
Niki Jedlicka: „Nach 2007 war alles wie ein Freeroll“ 2007 machte er auf den Online-High Stakes – als 20-Jähriger – in nur fünf Monaten 3,5 Millionen Dollar Gewinn und war danach nicht mehr wirklich zu fassen. Meist war Da kann man täglich €50/€50 PLO und NLHE und €50/€100 Seven Card Stud spielen.

Media Row Report: Suns 109, Blazers 93
You wouldn't want to face the Suns in Scrabble, Parcheesi, Monopoly, Hearts, seven-card stud and definitely not Risk. Can you In the final period, Portland shot 5-16 (31.3 percent), lost the rebounding battle 15-7 and lost the free-throw attempts

'Who's Bad' Celebrate MJ
'Who's Bad' Celebrate MJ Whether you idolized the Jackson 5, fell in love to 'Human Nature,' or learned to moonwalk to 'Billie Jean,' 'Who's Bad' is the ultimate music-and-dance driven Michael Jackson homage. This show embodies Michael Jackson's mission to Cypress Bayou

Jim Brown doesn't see many great runners in today's NFL
The best run I have in my memory bank, is you, 7 yards 5 of which you were horizontal to the ground and still made it to the end zone. I still don't believe it but I did .. Isn't there a card game somewhere that could use you? bearsfan4life says

Las Vegas 2014 Summer Tournament Season Guide
Las Vegas 2014 Summer Tournament Season Guide In addition to No Limit Hold'em, players will find Fixed Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed Limit Omaha High/Low, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw and mixed games. There are also many smaller tournaments available