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Knowing when to play that hand with PSO

Your favorite hand is J-10 and you love to play it every time it comes your way, but you end up folding it more often than you would like after a big raise. (I always tell people my favorite hand is A-A, and they shake their head and call me a nit. Go figure.) You always hate throwing your poker hand into the muck, but they can't stand a big raise ... or can they? It seems you have to be psychic in order to tell. But those small pairs are another thing entirely. You never miss an opportunity to raise with them in the hope of driving out those calling stations that act behind ... if only they would.

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Stell dir vor 3 spieler - einer davon foldet, einer hat 2+5+könig in herz der andere 3+4+dame in herz im flop kommen 7+8+bube in herz, der mit der dame blufft auf die herz ass mit all in,in der zwischenzeit schreibt der gefoldet hat(aus welchen...