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Hayley's Run April 6 at Northshore High: Sports Roundup

Participants are invited to celebrate Howard's love of dance by wearing a tutu. Register by making a donation, large or small, at . Wristbands will be used in place of race bibs, and will be available for pickup at Run N Tri on race day.

Businesses donating $100 or more will have their names placed on the run shirt and wristbands will be provided for employees.

More information is available at 985.326.8400, or .


Shannon Wilson of Covington will be honored as the New Orleans MG Walk Hero when the New Orleans MG Walk is held April 5 at Lafreniere Park in Metairie. Registration begins at 9 a.m.; and the walk, 10 a.m.

MiniGames: A Review of Sina Weibo's Texas Hold 'Em Poker | Tech ...

We never played for real money, but it was still fun, because the fun of poker isn’t so much in the winning or losing of money as it is the reading and manipulation of the other players. The family game of choice was generally hearts, but poker was always fun too, especially because one of my younger cousins was prone to tantrums and would occasionally flip over the table and send chips flying in a colorful rainbow across the room... Published in the 1930s, it promised to reveal the secrets of poker victory and we read it one by one, drinking in its wisdom. Our focus on the psychological aspect of the game intensified when we discovered a moth-eaten poker book in the study. It may have been a bit “dated” — there was an entire chapter on why you should never play poker with women — but there was some useful information tucked between the sexism and the old-timey ridiculousness....

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Der Ivo Donev Blog: “Interessante Hände von der IPT Slovenia”
Der Ivo Donev Blog: “Interessante Hände von der IPT Slovenia” In Slowenien haben bei der Mini Italien Poker Tour 399 Spieler teilgenommen, davon waren circa 90% (!) Italiener. 20 000 Starting Stack - 1 Stunde Level – und ein 4 Tagesevent, bei so einem niedrigen Buy-in (400€) trifft man das sehr selten.

Social-Games-Spezialist Vostu sponsert Brasil Game Show
Vostu ist praktisch das Zynga Brasiliens, mit einer ähnlich breiten Palette an Social Games wie „Megacity“, „Mini Farm“, „Vostu Poker“ oder „Crime Network“ und dem hauseigenen bezahlsystem Vostupag. Die Titel stehen insbesondere auf der in Brasilien

MiniGames: A Review of Sina Weibo's Texas Hold 'Em Poker
MiniGames: A Review of Sina Weibo's Texas Hold 'Em Poker This is the second in a series of reviews of Sina Weibo games. Hell is other people. Sartre wrote that a long time ago, so there's very little chance he was thinking about online poker, but he might as well have been. I've always enjoyed playing poker.

Premiere für Mind Games Area auf der YOU
Für das Training der grauen Zellen können die Besucher sich in der “Mind Games Area” in Schach, Dame, Bridge, Poker, Go und Carrom messen. Die Deutsche Schachjugend bietet auf ihrem Stand ein Mitmachangebot stellvertretend für ihre 17 Landesverbände

Tristan Clemencon Takes Lead into WPT Malta Final Day
Tristan Clemencon Takes Lead into WPT Malta Final Day The London-based French poker player, who has an impressive string of live poker cashes the world over, dispatched five of the final thirty participants in the event to the rail on Day 3 of the tournament, which concluded with only eight players in the