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Grace: Reflecting on judge's 'dirty old man' blog post and his take on women ...

Federal Judge Richard Kopf is either a “dirty old man,” as he called himself Tuesday.

Or Kopf is your father telling you to button up, lower your hem and for God's sake dress right.

After reading the senior U.S. District Court judge's Tuesday blog entry, which he titled, “On being a dirty old man and how young women lawyers dress,” I think he's both.

How you view his “advice” to women attorneys about their attire may depend on your gender, your age and your view of what constitutes appropriate courtroom dress. Opinions from several women lawyers I talked to were mixed.

Behind Omaha: 1.Offizielles Spieler & Forum Treffen

2010 findet das erste Behind Omaha Spieler & Forum Treffen in Hannover statt. Offizielles Behind Omaha Spieler & Forum Treffen. Gespielt wird an 3 Tagen, was auch sonst, Behind Omaha. 2010 und sonstige Fragen an folgende Adresse: info@behind-omaha. Wir freuen uns über zahlreiche Gäste sowie auch Behind Omaha Neulinge. behind-omaha. Gespielt wird auf 3 Spieltischen. Das ganze findet statt in den Vereinsräumen des Schiesssportclub SSC Adlerhorst, Gretchenstr.

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Tom's Friday Tailgate
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