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New Caledonia Poker Open prize pool set to feature huge value-added 5 million ...


The great thing about the NCPO is the location. Even recreational players who don’t play too much poker should consider making the trip for this tournament as it takes place on a beautiful French archipelago located in the South Pacific – just three hours out of Brisbane. It’s one of those little islands that will allow players to stay at a stunning resort-style casino, with plenty of time relaxing on the beach enjoying the striking scenery, along with the ability to partake in adventurous outdoor activities.

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C/r river for value? : Mid/High Stakes Limit Hold'em : Poker Forums ...

However, we do expect to get raised some when this turn peels off, and we dont want to be left with a super weak checking range so its probably important to be x/r'ing and x/cing the turn with some stronger hands, and maybe even x/c planning to... I thought you could be x/r'ing some as well as possibly x/c'ing some better hands (though im not sure this is true), so I decided to check looking to value bet good rivers and call a lot when bet into. I think possibly taking a x/c x/r line with a hand like 8x is an interesting option as its a relatively strong value hand that still hates getting raised on the turn and its equity can change quite a bit on the river. I also think x/c'ing some strong draws with showdown value like Ax flush draws could advantageously strengthen our check range, as well as possibly x/r'ing some two pair hands or overpairs. That way when the river bricks off, we can then look to x/r which protects us from getting value bet to death....

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Epic Poker League Pro/Am #2: Greg Mueller gewinnt
Man hätte 132 Spieler benötigt um den garantierten Preispool von $180000 zu erreichen, doch da es nur 97 waren und die EPL etwas darauflegen muss, hat dieses Turnier einen tollen Value für die Spieler. Greg "FBT" Mueller startete als Chipleader in den

Noch 2 Tage Qualifikationszeit für iPAD2 Summer Madness
Noch 2 Tage Qualifikationszeit für iPAD2 Summer Madness Sammeln Sie 100 Poker Player Points können Sie um 1 iPAD2 spielen, mit 500 Poker Player Points spielen Sie bei 3 Freerolls um 12 iPAD2s. Besuchen Sie die iPAD2 Summer Madness Seite für nähere Details. Sie kriegen einen sehr guten Value,

Der PokerNews Showdown: $7.70 Rebuy, $25000 Garantiert
Der PokerNews Showdown: $7.70 Rebuy, $25000 Garantiert Der Gewinner "NoobDomination," holte sich für seinen Sieg ein Preisgeld von $6000. Dies war einer der besten Overlays im Online Poker und jeder ist verrückt danach, so etwas wieder zu erleben. Die gute Nachricht, ist, daß wir so etwas wieder machen.

NHL Stars & Poker Pros Join Forces to Raise $50000 for Cancer
Thankfully, the value of poker was reassured to me this week when it was announced that $50000 was raised for cancer research with the Playground Poker Club's “NHL Faceoff” event. From Sept. 10 through 12, 2011, stars of past and present,

This Poker Life Part II -- Martin Jacobson
This Poker Life Part II -- Martin Jacobson by Rebecca McAdam | Published: Sep 25, 2011 | In part I of This Poker Life Martin Jacobson talks about what he was doing before he became serious about the game and his many close calls in his hunt for a title. Part II sees Jacobson discuss variance,