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Seismic shift: How the 1964 Alaska earthquake changed science

T he Earth's crust consists of massive slabs of rock called plates. The two largest, the Pacific Plate and North American Plate, make up more than a third of the world's surface. They meet in a border that stretches from Baja California to Japan, and arches across the Gulf of Alaska. Two hundred miles southeast of Anchorage, the Pacific Ocean floor grinds into the North America continent at a rate of 2.3 inches a year, a nearly irresistible force meeting an almost immovable object. The two plates are locked at their line of contact and the lighter North American formation bulges upward.

Gastro Groß bietet neu im Sortiment an: Der Original Hugentobler ...

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Man's right to grow a beard
Having said that, I was amazed when I heard – I mean when people told me they'd heard – people claiming on talkback radio that their other half finds them more sexy with a facial mat. Can anyone confirm or deny that? Some men may notice that growing

The September Show: Inside the Creation of a Gallery's First Exhibit of the Season
For the last three months, as Marion Lane finished the paintings, she'd put on nothing other than rubber slide-ons, which could get wet and splattered with paint, and yoga pants and T-shirts already so covered with the substance that you couldn't

Martin County Community Calendar, updated Sept. 27
772-634-6980; Charity Texas Hold'em Tournaments: 7 p.m. RMTC Game Room, 1000 N.E. Dixie Highway, Jensen Beach. Age: 18+. $20. . Time based on sunset. Oct 7, 14, 21, 28. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum, 500 Captain Armour's Way

'There's fitness, then there's boxing fitness' (With Video)
'There's fitness, then there's boxing fitness' (With Video) As Kovacs does core exercises on the mat next to me, Benn shows me the proper stance to hit the bag. He instructs me to punch out from I try to take notes but I'm struggling because my hands are sore and I can't hold the pen. Also, the feeling hasn

This week, the spotlight falls on Genya Ravan and RUNA
The Moorestown DeCafe at 395 Kings Highway in Moorestown is another local venue that offers interesting talent, but only on a monthly basis. The DeCafe begins its new season Friday with a Tuesday-Thursday: Beer pong tourneys with cash prizes and