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Tongue Piercing Allows Paralyzed People A New Way To Operate Wheelchairs

Paralyzed people are being given a new way to move their wheelchairs and it’s all thanks to getting their tongues pierced.

Researchers have reported that 11 people paralyzed from the neck down quickly learned to use the tongue device to pilot their wheelchairs through an obstacle course full of twists and turns, and to operate a computer, too.

Users of the new wireless system get their tongue pierced with a magnetic stud that resembles jewelry and acts like a joystick. People can then move their wheelchairs by simply flicking their tongues in different directions.

The Independent reports that the research was led by Maysam Ghovanloo, director of Georgia Tech’s bionics lab. He said he decided to use the tongue as a controller as it is “unobstrusive, easy to use and flexible.”

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