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Nevada-Delaware online poker deal might have stirred gaming foes to act

Nevada and Delaware’s recent agreement to launch the nation’s first collaborative, interstate online poker zone appears to have drawn a backlash from gambling’s opponents in Congress, who are planning to drop a bill rolling back the legal opinion underlying the recent deal.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, is planning on formally releasing legislation to roll back the 2011 Justice Department reading of the Wire Act next week, when Congress returns to Washington.

Unlike many recent online gaming bills, the legislation would include no carve-out for online poker; it would simply undo the Justice Department opinion that determined Internet gaming transactions are legal between states where gambling is legal .

Poker Source Online Now Fully Available in Portuguese

Leading online poker community Poker Source Online is now fully translated into Portuguese, as part of their strategy to expand into new markets where poker is becoming increasingly popular. The reason for our popularity is that we constantly strive to offer something new to our members, which is why we decided to open up PSO to other languages, and poker is especially active in Portuguese now with the opening of the large Macau and... ” Jones expects this move will attract many new customers to what is already a very busy online community: “PSO has grown non-stop since its creation in 2004 – as we speak we have over 148,000 members, and new ones keep joining our ranks every day. “We want to acknowledge and welcome all poker players around the world for whom English is not a first language, including more than 200 million native Portuguese speakers in Portugal, Brazil, Africa and Asia Pacific. Portuguese speakers will now be able to access all of PSO’s bonuses, information and free gifts in their own language....

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California Online Poker Bill Filed Away Until Next Year
California Online Poker Bill Filed Away Until Next Year Earlier this month, we reported that California politicians believed that the potential for legalization and regulation of online poker in the state was “dead” for 2013. That suspicion has now come to pass. According to a tweet by the Poker Players

California Online Poker Regulations Not Expected To Pass in 2013
After showing much promise earlier this year, many politicians in the state of California believe that the potential regulation of online poker in the state is “dead” for at least this year, even with three pieces of legislation on the table for such

Nevada, New Jersey Interstate Online Poker Compact Possible in 2014
Nevada, New Jersey Interstate Online Poker Compact Possible in 2014 It doesn't look like it will be happening all that soon, but the top executive one of the leading gaming companies in the United States believes that an interstate online poker compact between Nevada and New Jersey will become a reality next year

Neue Runde im Auslieferungs- Poker
. Der Kampf des deutschen Internetunternehmers Kim Dotcom gegen eine Auslieferung an die USA geht in eine neue Runde. storybild. Die Auslieferungs-Saga von Kim Schmitz geht weiter. (Bild: Reuters). Um den Text 

No Hopes for Online Poker in California
The chances of California legalizing intrastate online poker this year are rather slim, especially considering the fact that the state's legislative session will last just one more month. However, a reliable source recently informed poker media that