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Hold a lecture

Despite 'big lecture' mum of two will hold off vaccinations

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Terror threat cancels Norway lecture / News in brief / The Foreigner ...

Terror threat cancels Norway lecture / News in brief / The Foreigner Terror threat cancels Norway lecture. NEWS IN BRIEF: Prophet Mohammed caricaturist Kurt Westergaard has abandoned plans to hold a lecture in Norway on advice of Norwegian security officials in fears of an assassination attempt. ” The former Jyllands-Posten cartoonist was the target of a foiled attack in his home after his contentious drawings inflamed Muslim tempers worldwide, which partly link the Prophet with suicide bombing. He is living with an overhanging death threat against him and is a vulnerable person.

Hold a lecture - News

HMC Psychiatry Department to hold public lecture on Anxiety
HMC Psychiatry Department to hold public lecture on Anxiety The lecture and open discussion on the signs and symptoms of anxiety will be led by Ms Mariana Barrancos, whose areas of expertise include adjustment disorders, anxiety and depression, trauma and cultural diversity. Frequent symptoms of anxiety may

DLSU-Dasma to hold lecture on history and culture of Cavite
TRECE MARTIRES CITY, Cavite, September 22 (PIA) -- The De La Salle University-Dasmariñas Cavite Studies Center will hold the 13th annual seminar on local history and culture of the province with the theme “Exploring Tourism Industry in Cavite:

Events at the Avalon Free Public Library October 3-6
Lecture on Closing your Home for the Summer Season- 7 pm on Tue., Oct. 4 The Avalon Free Public Library will hold a lecture with John McCorristin entitled Closing your Home for the Summer Season on Tue., Oct. 4 at 7 pm Topics will be Winterization and

Science behind the ShakeOut in lecture
Kathleen Springer, the senior curator of geological sciences at the San Bernardino County Museum, will give a lecture, "The Science Behind the Shakeout," at the museum at 2 pm Saturday. The lecture is included with paid museum admission.

RTA delivers a lecture about 'Safe Driving for Woman' to disseminate road safety
The lecture, which was held in RTA Auditorium, was attended by a large number of RTA male and female employees. "These lectures are part and parcel of the Agency's plan for community-related initiatives. It is quite important to hold such lectures on