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Sweet studens

Schools Should Put 'Meatless Mondays' On Menu

For years, schools have taught students the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but they often fail to follow their own lessons in the cafeteria.

Students have long learned about the traditional food pyramid with each level showing the proper daily consumption of meat, fish and eggs; dairy, legumes and grains; fruits and vegetables; and fats, oils and sweets. In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , with the support of first lady Michelle Obama, replaced the food pyramid with a diagram called MyPlate. It depicts a healthy meal consisting of half fruits and vegetables and half grains and protein. The word meat is excluded. Although dairy was originally included in MyPlate, the Harvard School of Public Health made the decision to eliminate it in its version of the concept, increasing the amount of vegetables instead.

The Howards: Sweet Students

he drew that for "Baby Fulton" as he always calls him. And another one of my sweet lovelies. Sweet kids. When we found out it was a boy, he told me. lucky you, boys are the best. See that picture he's holding.

Sweet studens - News

'Role Model' Floyd Elementary students get unforgettable Saginaw Spirit ...
“Sophie is a reading machine, you will always find her in a book and she is a very kind, sweet student,” Dishaw said noting she also serves on the school's safety patrol. “Jeren is very quiet but often not noticed because he's doing the right thing. I

EDITORIAL: Sandy Hook Elementary reading teacher recalls slain students, staff
Charlotte, sweet rumpled Charlotte, with a slight tilt of the head, sometimes hair this way and that, a sweet smile. - Ana, who was new to our school whose parents were so happy they chose Sandy Hook school they sent an email to our principal in

Twelve ornaments of Christmas
The ornament is a reminder of the “sweet little bundle of joy” who joined their family 20 years ago. “It was so exciting It dates to the 1980s when Jean Hafner, a student in a local church youth group led by the couple, gave it to them as a gift

Classes resume in Newtown, minus Sandy Hook
(AP) — Newtown returned its students to their classrooms Tuesday for the first time since last week's massacre and faced the agonizing task of laying others to rest, as this grieving town wrestled with the same issues gripping the country: violence