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Two new Smart concepts for Frankfurt

Mercedes-Benz is poised  to preview the all-new Smart Fortwo and Forfour with a pair of concepts at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

The third-generation Fortwo city car (codenamed C453) and the second-generation Forfour four-seat hatchback (W453) are both set to go into production next year. The Smarts are built around a new rear engine/rear-wheel drive structure, developed with partner Renault-Nissan.

The platform will also provide the basis for the third-generation Renault Twingo , which was recently previewed by the Twin’Z and Twin’Run concepts and is due next year.

SOA, EDA, ED-BPM, CEP, BAM - Blog: EPTS UC WG Survey ...

For the next couple of weeks the group will finalize the document, which will be than available over the public documents section of the EPTS web site. Right now it is not quite clear if the results will lead to a new situation as pictured in the nice graphical design that I found on an artificial intelligence web site.

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Vets urge extra care for pets during wintery conditions
Identification tags are also a good idea if your pet runs loose, the website said, because more pets are lost during the winter than any other time of year. Inside the house, fumes given off by heaters or cleaning agents can also be problematic

'Calling Dr. Laura' -- it's Portland artist Nicole J. Georges
Georges wrote a beautiful tribute to Wishbone on her website, and recommended at-home euthanasia for pets in an "Ask Nicole" post. Her remaining dog, Beija, has cancer, and dozens of readers who've been following Beija in Georges' zine "Invincible

BC woman allowed to keep pet deer
“As a veterinarian, I am very aware of the bonding that takes place between people and their pets,” Lake said on the ministry's website. “I am confident that by working with the provincial veterinarian and trained Conservation officer staff, Ms

Keeping Pets Healthy
Keeping Pets Healthy In its Pets for the Environment website, EWG lists dozens of ways for pet owners to ensure that dogs and cats are as safe as possible in this dangerous world we inhabit. Among other tips, EWG recommends choosing pet food without chemical preservatives

Patch Pets: You'll Thank Your “Lucky” Stars!
For more information, visit the Young At Heart Pet Rescue website or check out the Lake Zurich Adoption Center. Click here to download an adoption application. Information provided by Young at Heart Pet Rescue. Related Topics: Animal Adoption and